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Robata grill

Robata grill is a culinary method similar to barbecue, in which the products are prepared on hot charcoal. We follow all the rules of this tradition and it is no coincidence that our Robata grilll is the most preferred among connoisseurs in Sofia and all over the country.


Here you can enjoy a dish that has dominated the culinary imagination since the VII-VIII centuries. Rice rolls with vegetables, seasoned with soy sauce are typical dish in Japan but are widespread and loved in China and around the world. We rely on sushi-meshi: a variety of white, short-grained Japanese rice flavored with a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar, salt, kombu, rice wine or sake.


Teppanyaki is a device and related method of cooking that originated 200 years ago in Japan. It consists of a large hot metal plate on which meat, seafood, rice, eggs and vegetables are prepared.

Thematic dinners

Our culinary evenings are not only a delight of the senses, but also an opportunity to learn curious details about Asian cuisine. You can visit Robata Grill Evening, Sushi Evening, Teppanyaki Evening, Thai Evening, Korean Evening, and Brunch Weekend. Expect new themes in this journey of taste!

Homemade drinks

Authentic homemade drinks with unique taste are revered by us. We also prepare special cocktails with the best natural ingredients.

Premium products

World-famous flavors rely on premium products and that is why we procure them regularly for you to enjoy while we cook them at the highest level.

Product: Known all over the world for its marble structure, the Japanese Wagyu breed has one of the most memorable flavors.

Dish: Wagyu beef on Teppanyaki

Product: Premium Australian Black Angus

Dish:Black Angus Ribeye

Black Angus Ribeye marinated and grilled on the robata grill

Product: Moroccan premium octopus

Dish: Octopus carpaccio

A mix of fresh salads over a marinated octopus topped with dried goji berries

Dish: Robata Grilled Octopus

Marinated octopus, cooked by the "sous-vide" technology, grilled on the robata grill and glazed with homemade balsamic sauce

Product: Pata Negra A breed of black pigs that live in the highlands of western Spain and feeds mainly on acorns.

Meal: Iberico Ribs

Our ribs marinated, roasted and glazed with homemade barbecue sauce

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